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10/2/2015 - Citizen Centric Report for the New York Capital Chapter

Our Chapter's Citizen Centric Report (CCR) is now available.

Citizen Centric Report 2014-2015 (Current)
Citizen Centric Report 2013-2014
Citizen Centric Report 2012-2013
Citizen Centric Report 2010-2011

Also, we have:
AGA National's Citizen Centric Report for 2013-2014
Albany County's Citizen Centric Report

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4/1/2015 - John Wrafter

John Wrafter – Chapter’s “Founding Father”
It is with deep sorrow to report that John Wrafter, our Chapter’s Founding Father, first Chapter President and Lifetime AGA Member has recently passed away. John was a leader in so many ways, taking charge in October 1977 to establish and charter our chapter with the AGA. A description of our “beginnings” can be found on our website at Chapter Beginnings.

John had a great sense of humor and used it in directing staff at the State Comptroller’s Office and the then Department of Social Services. He would poke fun at his audit staff that would like to use the phrase “we conducted an audit …” in their reports. John would mimic the arm movements of an orchestra conductor to encourage staff to use a better verb than “conduct”. More recently, at the Chapter’s 30th anniversary dinner, John entertained us with a clever piece he entitled, "Born Too Soon"

We honored John several years ago by renaming our most prestigious membership award, the John Wrafter Distinguished Service Award. This award is the Chapter’s highest honor and recognizes outstanding contributions that have had a major impact on Chapter activities. Past recipients generally have had more than one year of significantly active service and most have also previously received the Chapter Service Award (although this is not a prerequisite).

We will miss John and will look back fondly at his contributions to the Chapter, the Accountability Community and his great sense of humor. To read his obituary, you can click here for a pdf version or click here to go to the legacy website.

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1/16/2015 - National Leadership Award

State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli Receives National Leadership Award

The Association of Government Accountants (AGA) has selected Honorable Thomas P. DiNapoli, New York State Comptroller, as the recipient of the 2015 William R. Snodgrass Distinguished Leadership Award.

Mr. DiNapoli is scheduled to accept the award at AGA’s National Leadership Conference on February 11, 2015. The AGA presents two prestigious awards at this conference each year to state government professionals. The award Mr. DiNapoli will be receiving is the most prestigious state government award presented by AGA to a professional who embodies the highest personal and professional standards within the field of financial management. The award is named for former Tennessee Comptroller William R. Snodgrass, who served in the office from 1955 to 1999.

Among his accomplishments, Comptroller DiNapoli instituted the most stringent reporting requirements on investments, fees and other information; barred investment firms contributing to his campaign from doing business with the State pension fund; and provided a leading voice in getting the Securities and Exchange Commission to impose tough new rules on “pay to play” to prevent improper influence on investment decisions.

Comptroller DiNapoli launched a Fiscal Stress Monitoring System to evaluate the fiscal condition of local governments and school districts throughout the state. The introduction of the system enabled those municipalities perceived to be in fiscal distress to receive an early warning. This effort has also enabled Controller DiNapoli to shed light on the challenges of today’s tough economy which have led such communities to face fiscal distress. The Comptroller also consistently advocates for budget and debt reform to give New York State a more secure fiscal future.

Comptroller DiNapoli has identified billions in misuse, waste and savings. He completed a five year school accountability project that audited all 733 school districts and BOCES in the State. In 2012, he launched a series of audits that found widespread abuse of public funds by special education contractors, resulting in several criminal referrals, felony arrests and restitution. During his tenure with the NYS Legislature, he advocated for, sponsored and successfully passed stronger school district accountability laws in response to the scandals that exposed the theft of millions of taxpayer dollars on Long Island.

Comptroller DiNapoli is in good company as winner of this prestigious award. Prior winners of this distinguished award include: Brian Sonntag, Washington State Auditor; Controller Edgar Ross, Kentucky Office of the Comptroller; Controller John Chiang, State of California; Robert Childree, Former State Auditor of Alabama; and Comptroller Peter Franchot, State of Maryland.

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1/13/2015 - Young Professionals PDT Scholarship

Young Professionals PDT Scholarship

The AGA Young Professionals Focus Group (YPFG) annually selects five young professionals to attend the AGA Professional Development Training (PDT) each July. The participants in this program will act as ambassadors for attendees and assist with host committee duties. National AGA will pay for your registration and hotel. Your New York Capital Chapter will pay your economy airfare to the PDT if you are selected! That's about a $500 value. The PDT will be in Nashville this year so you can expect a great time. You'll find the networking and comradery of AGA members from throughout the country to be outstanding. Dozens of private firms and government agencies will be on hand as vendors that you can discuss all kinds of opportunities. Interested?
Click here to see if you meet the requirements and to obtain an application. If you have any questions, contact Ray Harris, Vice President of Membership, at Please let Ray know if you do submit your application. Good luck.

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11/12/2014 - New York Capital Chapter Membership Campaign

Welcome to our Chapter's Member-Get-A-Member Campaign- it's your opportunity to share the value of an AGA membership with your friends and colleagues, and earn BIG rewards in the process!

Every time you sponsor a new member you enhance AGA and our Chapter. A growing AGA means a greater appreciation of the government accountability profession, improved educational and networking opportunities for all members, and the advancement of government financial management nationwide.

This year with the NY Capital Campaign we've made referring colleagues to AGA easier than ever!

How the NY Capital Campaign Works:

1. Download a membership application and send it to the AGA National Office (address is on the aaplication) or you can also order applications by contacting Raymond Harris, Vice President of Membership at or our contact us page.

2. Tell your peers and co-workers about AGA! Simply encourage them to fill out AGA's membership application or complete the application online. Be sure to include your name in the sponsor's name category on the application.

3. You will be eligible to receive a sponsor pin when your first referral joins.

4. After six of your referrals join (prior to January 31, 2015), you earn FREE DUES during the 2015-2016 membership year.

5. The NY Capital Campaign will end on April 30, 2015, the grand prize winner will be announced shortly thereafter.

More Prizes - Everyone Wins!

Recruit ONE or more members, receive a Sponsors Only lapel pin and get recognized in our award-winning newsletter and email.

Sponsoring Two or More
Recruit TWO members and start earning Chapter Dollars. You'll earn five Chapter Dollars for each new member that joins. Recruit two members, earn 10 Chapter Dollars, recruit four members, earn 20 Chapter Dollars and so on. Chapter Dollars are like cash and can be redeemed towards publications, membership dues renewals and Chapter education and training registrations.

Sponsoring Six or More
Recruit SIX members by January 31, 2015 and receive next year's membership dues renewal FREE.

Sponsoring 10 or More
Recruit 10 or more members by January 31, 2015 and have your name placed in a fishbowl drawing for a free TCTC registration (valued over $300). After 10, each new member is another chance at the drawing. Recruit 10 members, get one chance at the drawing, recruit 16 members, get seven chances and so on. The more members recruited the more chances to win.

Spotlight on Early Career/Tomorrow's Professionals New Members
A generous prize will be awarded to the AGA member who recruits the most new Early Career members during the NY Capital Campaign.

All AGA members in good standing are eligible to participate in the NY Capital Campaign. The campaign period includes all new members joining AGA from May 1, 2014 through January 31, 2015. All federal, state and local laws and ethics rules apply. Void where prohibited.

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11/1/2014 - Becker Professional Education Resources

Anytime Courses from AGA and Becker Professional Education

Get unlimited access to 200 on-demand courses with an annual subscription.

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11/1/2014 - Journal CPE Online Quizzes

Read your Journal of Government Financial Management, take and pass an online 25-question quiz and earn three CPE credits. Eight quizzes available 24x7 to help you earn up to 24 CPEs!

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2/18/2014 - Jan - Mar Newsletter

Our January - March 2015 Award Winning Newsletter will be available soon!

To view or download any of our prior newsletters click here to go to our newsletter page.

All newsletters are in PDF format.

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12/31/2012 - Invitation to Participate in the AGA Chapter Leadership

The Chapter's Nomination Committee is looking for individuals to serve as officers, board members, and committee members for the 2013-14 year. As part of the leadership team, you will have the opportunity to enhance your organizational, communication, and leadership skills. It will also provide you the opportunity to work and network with other accountability professionals at the state, local, and federal level as well as those in the private sector. Additional information on the various positions and committees can be found in our policies and procedures or by clicking here

For additional information or to express your interest in a position, please contact Michael Abbott at Thank you.

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12/20/2012 - Call for 2013 National Academic Scholarships

Call for 2013 National Academic Scholarships - Up to $26,000 Could be Awarded

Are you - or a family member - pursuing a degree in a discipline such as accounting, auditing, budgeting, economics, finance, information technology or public administration? Apply for an AGA National Academic Scholarship today!

Applications due by April 12, 2013. Apply now and take full advantage of your AGA membership.
For more information, click here.

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